Award Winning Nappies for 2022 by the Made for Mums Awards!

Our award winning Pearl Pocket All-In-One Reusable Nappies in our Newborn size have also now been voted Gold by the Made for Mums Awards 2022 for the best reusable All-In-One Nappy!

The Made for Mums Awards are held annualy and are designed to help parents, grandparents, carers and more to make confident choices when it comes to regnancy, birth, babies, toddlers, and school-age children and beyond. In 2021 we also won Gold for our One Size Pearl Pocket nappy which you can read about on our previous blog.

This award not only shows recognition for our amazing products, but also that reusable nappies are becoming more mainstream and sought after which is fantastic for reducing single use disposable nappies.

So, why did we win? 

Key features we tested/judged: Quality of fit, quality and design, ability to stop leaks, ease of use, comfort for baby/child, ease of washing and drying, worth the money

Why it’s a winner:This reusable nappy specifically for newborns wowed our judges and testers with its softness, performance and appearance. One mum said she smiled every time she changed her son’s nappy, adding: “Absolutely beautiful design, seems a shame for it to be hidden by clothes!” The popper system, which allows you to adjust the fit around the waist and legs, meant it fitted well and didn’t leak even on small babies. Designed for babies weighing between 5lb and 12lb, the soft internal lining is suitable for delicate skin and you can add boosters if your little one is a heavy wetter.

In the words of parent tester Cali, who tested this with their newborn: “We didn’t have any leaks at all, which was fantastic! We used the the nappy during daytime and night-time and it performed just as well as disposable ones. I was really impressed with how well the nappy fitted and the inside was so soft and gentle for his newborn skin.”

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You can view the full Made for Mums Awards 2022 winners article here.

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