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the nappy lady

The modern, sustainable, reusable nappy company...

Modern Cloth Nappies was created first of all, through the love for my children. Like any mother, father, parent you only want the best for your child or children and of course this meant I only wanted the best next to my babies skin! I had gotten interested in cloth nappies after extensive research and found this huge stigma that seemed to surround cloth reusable nappies.This prompted me to see that we could make cloth so much more than it is, so user friendly and attractive to our more planet concious public...

Parents globally are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and trying to make greener choices when it comes to everyday life. Disposable nappies of course being a HUGE contributer to landfill and plastic use has people thinking what can I change to? but the idea of reusable nappies puts lots of people off as they imagine they are still grey washed out terry squares with pins the size of a baby's head to fasten and a complete poo fiddle which couldn't be further from the truth!

Well this is where we come in. Cloth nappies can be beautiful and fashionable. How? Because we've designed our own nappies and made them exactly that and we will only stock gorgeous prints from other reputable brands! They are also super easy to use and let's face it.. if you aren't ready to deal with the likes of poo and wee... are you really ready for parenthood? #nodignityhere

We also, will only stock what we have tried and tested on our little ones bums! I, myself am a mother of 2. I'm not perfect in any way when it comes to more sustainable living (or when it comes to parenting for that matter!) however I am trying, and trying is better than nothing! Using cloth has meant that I can do that, I want to save the world for my babies and my babies, babies... but when I first started out in modern cloth nappies I was completely put off with what was available out there. Don't get me wrong, everyone's taste and likes are different and what is for one might not be for the other however I think our cloth is perfect for all your fashionista mama's and I am sure you will agree! #alwaysoninsta

Based in the heart of England, we are in the perfect location for distributing our products. We are, a small family run business who care about what we do, what we supply and our customers and very order is a step closer to a greener dream... so thank you ♡