What do I do with the poo and reusable nappies?

It's for sure the number 1 question that we get asked 'What do you do with the poo?'. For some reason, it seems to truly horrify new parents/carers when there is absolutely no need to be afraid.

Pre-weaning poo (breastmilk, formula, combi-fed) is water soluble and therefore, at this stage we would not reccomend the use of a disposable liner as there is simply no need. All you need to do is pop the nappy in the wash and follow our wash routine.

Weaning poo is of course when you are moving your child onto solids and you will notice a considerable change in their poop and bowel habbits. At this stage we would now reccomend using a biodegradable disposable liner between the nappy and baby so that when baby poop's the liner and the poop can be disposed of correctly leaving minimal waste on the nappy and just liquid absorbed. Simply pop in the wash and follow the wash guide as normal.

You can find our biodegradable plant based liners here!

Store reusable nappies in either a Nappy Bucket (a bucket with a lid) or in a Nappy Storage Bag (a bag with a zip than ensures no smells escape!) which you can find here. It’s that easy!

We recommend washing every 2-3 days.