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10*-these are best best nappies on the market

We LOVE the Pearl all-in-one!!
The outer shell has plenty of elasticity to ensure a snug fit and the inner is so super soft! The designs are just beautiful, definitely my favourite in our stash. The hemp insert is great for absorbency too!

Amazing fit

These nappies for like a dream, the inserts make it very slim but super absorbent. The lining is really nice and soft against baby’s bum and the internal double gusset makes it bomb proof!!

Modern cloth nappies

Brilliant nappies bought for my daughter to increase her supply which she uses for her daughter .look leaks c
Soft lining which is kind to the skin. No addition to landfill.wash well and dry easily.highly recommend

Peony Blossom One Size Pocket Reusable Nappy
So pretty

Its so pretty, very luck for it to be in the sale. Its soft and no leaks

I got it in the sale, its so pretty and I'm so pleased with it. It's lovely and soft and no leaks!

the best little wash bags

I just want to let you know that these little wet bags are just totally brilliant. Just chuck the whole thing in the washer and is good as new every time.

Love it!

Love this print so much! Excellent fit, no leaks!!

Modern cloth nappies white feather and peony

Brilliant nappies,look good ,multiple fastening so should fit until potty trained. Excellent fit no leaks. Soft lining keeps her dry and skin intact . All this whilst reducing landfill . Quick service and Excellent communication,would highly reccomen

Lovely changing mat

Really nice quality, folds up nice and small. We use it a lot at the moment for nappy free time just in case of accidents as it absorbs well also!

Brilliant nappies

I absolutely love the Pearl pockets, they are one of our most reliable nappies. The elastics are nice and gentle on my baby and I don’t have any faff fitting them. We have started to add a slim bamboo insert behind the hemp and now get up to 4 hours reliably. The prints and colours are so lovely too. Don’t take too long to dry considering they’re hemp too. Love these nappies!

Awsome ultra thin

I love these liners, really absorbent and so so thin. Perfect for us. Happy happy 😊


Loving using these nappy insterts. Super absorbent and slim. No leaks! Happy customer :)

So happy

Ordered this for my granddaughter, wasn’t sure what to expect but liked the design. It turned up, such lovely quality and design, really impressed

The best!

I’ve had a fair few wet bags but this is my favourite. The double handles are so useful especially for hanging on the pram. I use these for so many things. Storing a clean set of clothes, and dirty clothes when we’ve been out. Fresh and used nappies and wipes too. You can use them for so many things and the double compartments are super handy!

Favourite changing mat ever

I’ve gotten so many compliments using this changing mat when I’ve been around others! It’s so pretty and the bamboo is so soft. I much prefer putting her on this than something that’s cold and uncomfortable. It folds up so nicely to fit into my changing bag or even smaller handbags. Love it!

Beautiful and practical

Love this nappy bucket. I use it to store all of the days used nappies before their pre wash. It’s so pretty and modern looking so it doesn’t look out of place in the nursery!

Super slim and super absorbent

Love love love these nappies! The inserts are super slim but massively absorbent. Because of how slim they are, my baby can wear everything she would in a normal nappy. I don’t have to make special accommodations for it being cloth. I’m a ftm and new to cloth but these are so simple to use - if I can do it anyone can!

The most reliable nappy!

Previously I’ve always been a pocket nappy person but this is now is my go to for many occasions. First thing in the morning as my daughter is a heavy wetter in her first nappy and for travelling in carriers and car seats etc. I’ve never had a compression leak using the Pearl Pocket nappies! It’s so simple to use that even my partner can prep them.
Also the designs are s t u n n I n g. What more could you want?

Best wet bag to hang on your buggy

i bought this wet bag specifically for using on the pram or attached to the cot as it has the two loops. It fits about 6 dirty nappies in which is the perfect size for us. It’s so pretty I will be using it for other things way after we’ve finished with cloth nappies

Best changing mat by far

I’ve only ever had the changing mats that come with changing bags before. I’ve always found them to be cold for little ones to lie on and if they wee there’s no absorbency so it runs straight up their back. This is soft and absorbent and much better for the environment. It would be ideal for nappy free time for a less mobile baby too, and the prints are just a bonus

Prettiest print in my stash

I’m typically a pocket nappy person but I had to have the gingerly print so gave these a try. The hemp mix insert is very absorbent and the nappy is so so slim. The pocket has lots of space to boost if needed (if using first thing or on a long journey I use one of the slim inserts too). One of my favourite nappies for sure, functional and pretty

Slim fit and absorbent inserts

I have a bit of a collection of these now. I’m a sucker for a nice print but these are also my go to for car journeys, trips out and wearing in the sling. They fit really well with lots of room for growth at 10 months and are super reliable.

Peony Blossom One Size Pocket Reusable Nappy
Beautiful 🥰

I bought this nappy on sale, I couldn't resist as I absolutely love the print! Having never tried a modern cloth nappy before. I am really pleased with the quality, it's so soft! And it's bigger than some of my other nappies so think it will fit longer too! The inserts are really slim, I've used both inserts inside the nappy and it's still Slimer than using one.insrt of some other brands! I'm really pleased overall and will definitely order some more when I'm off maternity!

Peony Blossom One Size Pocket Reusable Nappy
Fab nappies

I have now purchased four nappies from moderncloth and I am so impressed. They are my favourite nappies in our stash, for the first time we tried baby overnight in one and added the hemp insert and baby stayed dry.

A great wetbag

I love my MCN wetbag, as it has so many great features. The double zip is ideal to keep wet/dry or dirty/clean items separate, it’s a great size for any day out and I love the fact it has two handles- with the added bonus that they can be made into hanging or carry handles. I highly recommend this bag.