How to fit a reusable nappy correctly

How to fit a reusable nappy correctly

Our nappies should be snug but comfortable on your child. It can be adjusred to acheive this by using the poppers to bring the height up and down and the waist in or out.

how to fit a reusable nappy

Cloth nappies do not sit up babies backs as high as disposables, so you want to be just above the hips and leave enough room at the front to fit 3 fingers in. This leaves a little space for sitting up and movement.

It may take a few times to get used to which fit suits your baby best to avoid any leaks or them being uncomfortable. As baby grows, adjust the fit.

Dependant on the style of our nappy you are using will depend on if you need to add in any extra asorbency. The absorbency required will depend on if you baby is a heavy wetter or not, and if you are using your nappies over night or not. This can be a case of trial and error until till you find what suits your baby best. We have lots of boosting options available here.

boosting reusable nappies