Newborn Reusable Nappy Wrap


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Designed to fit from birth, our reusable nappy wrap should fit from around 5-12 lbs by adjusting the waist and height of the nappy to get the perfect as your baby grows.

This reusable nappy wrap is made from a high quality printed PUL (Polyester Urethane Laminate) shell with a soft external binding around the edge.

It is designed with two elasticated flaps internally, allowing you to tuck inserts and/or prefolds securely in place or it can be wrapped around fitted nappies as a nappy cover.

You can find our newborn sized tri-fold inserts here for the perfect wrap & insert combo! 

It also features an external double-gusset for premium leak protection and added comfort.

How to use

Simply pop insert(s) between the 2 elasticated flaps to hold it in place.

When soiled simply knock solids into the toilet or dispose of biodegradable liner in bin (if used), then store your nappy in a bucket or wet bag until wash day.

We advise you do not leave nappies anymore than 2-3 days between washing.

Washing & Drying

Recommended wash routine:

1. Pre-Rise (40 mins approx. rinse & spin cycle)

2. Long Wash Programme (2.5 hours minimum at max 60°c)

3. Hand Dry (or tumble dry on LOW if essential).

Please do not use fabric softeners or bleaches.

We recommend regular washing at 40°c to prolong product life.


100% Polyester Urethane Laminate (PUL)

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