Bamboo Trifold Reusable Cloth Nappy or Booster

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Introducing the Bamboo Trifold Nappy or Booster; made from bamboo for ultra-softness and superior absorbance. Easily washable for convenience and re-usability. With being 2 layers when flat and 6 when folded they dry ultra-fast. Perfect for all ages and stages of potty training. Ideal for pocket nappies, wrap nappies and more. 

One Size: 41 x 35cm

Newborn: 35 x 29cm

How to use

Fold the insert up into thirds and then use in the pocket of the nappy either infront or behind the original insert.

This insert is suitable for boosting one size nappies. You can also use it in a nappy wrap or cover as an absorbent pad.

It may also be used as a folded nappy.

Before first use

There are some simple steps to take before using your new nappies and/or inserts to gain absorbency before first use.

There are 2 simple ways to do this:

• Machine wash 3-5 times at max 60°c to gain absorbency. There is no need to dry between washes. Use detergent for the last wash.


• Soak the insert(s) only in water for 24-48 hours followed by a machine wash with detergent.

Washing & Drying

Recommended wash routine:

1. Pre-Rise (40 mins approx. rinse & spin cycle)

2. Long Wash Programme (2.5 hours minimum at max 60°c)

3. Hand Dry (or tumble dry on LOW if essential).

Please do not use fabric softeners or bleaches.

We recommend regular washing at 40°c to prolong product life.


2 layers of 80% Bamboo 20% Polyester giving 6 layers total absorbency when folded.

Top Tips

Unfold for faster drying times!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jess Howe (United Kingdom)

Just starting out my reusable nappy journey and Stephanie has been very helpful. I bought the wrong item as I wanted to try a wrap with a terry cloth like this and she was really helpful returning the pocket nappy I bought and sending on the right thing. Looking forward to trying it out with a wrap for a slimmer nappy. Thank you!

PHH (United Kingdom)
Really absorbent

I use these trifolds in the MCN wraps and they are brilliant! Very absorbent and very soft! I used them just as a pad fold and they work out as a slimmer style nappy in my opinion. So far no leaks! I really recommend these and I add one of the ultra slim boosters folded in half at the front of the nappy (we have a little boy) for extra if needed.

Frith (United Kingdom)
So soft & absorbent

I used these wrapped round my newborn under a wrap and they were the perfect size. They hold so much and are super soft. Now she is bigger they are great in a pad to boost night nappies. A great addition! 🧡