One Size Reusable Swim Nappies

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Our Reusable One Size Swim Nappies offer an excellent fit from 8lb to 35lb (approx. 3.5kg-16kg) baby to toddler, making them a great long-term investment in your childs younger years. As standard our swim nappies include extra accident (poop) protection with our double-gusset leg guards and a wide back elastic which means all adventures are possible! Our nappies also feature a internal fast-drying mesh lining, which is great for being in and out of the water! Remember, Swim Nappies of all kinds (disposable and reusable) won't prevent urine from mixing with pool/sea water, but our reusable nappy provides a more eco-friendly and economical solution to help ditch the disposable and reduce our single-waste plastic consumption.
How to use

Fasten nappy around baby and adjust size as baby grows. You do not need anything else when using this nappy for swimming/sea water.

Washing & Drying

Recommended wash routine:

1. Pre-Rise (40 mins approx. rinse & spin cycle)

2. Long Wash Programme (2.5 hours minimum at max 60°c)

3. Hand Dry (or tumble dry on LOW if essential).

Please do not use fabric softeners or bleaches.

We recommend regular washing at 40°c to prolong product life.


Outer: 100% Polyeurethane Laminate (TPU)
Inside: 100% Nylon Mesh

New designes are made with 100% Recycled Polyeurethane Laminate (TPU)

Top Tips

We recommend having a wet bag readily available when using our swim nappies so that you can store them safely between water to washing!

Customer Reviews

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Frith (United Kingdom)
Such great swim nappies

These have so many great features! I love that they are one-sized so will last as baby grows, so many swim nappies are sized. I’ve used them a few times at the beach and the pool and they are look comfy for baby whilst being functional. I totally recommend!

Laura (United Kingdom)
Fantastic swim nappies

Not only are the prints beautiful but these are soft and so easy to use. Fantastic for hot weather and look lovely on my little one!