Out & About Double Pocket Nappy Wet Bag

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The Out and About Double Pocket Wet Bag is an easy and versatile solution for carrying wet and dry items such as nappies and wipes. It features two separate pockets, making it ideal for segregating wet and dry items out. Its lightweight, water-resistant material ensures damp items remain securely contained no matter where life takes you.

Size: 30*40cm

How to use

Store used nappies, inserts and wipes inside. Upon washing open the zip and place bag in the washing machine.

Washing & Drying

Wash with nappies, inserts or towels.

Line dry or tumble dry on low if essential.


100% Polyester Urethane Laminate (PUL)

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jess Howe (United Kingdom)
Bag feels good quality and is very pretty

Just starting out my reuseable nappy journey and so far the bags don't seem to leak, have any smell and look great! Thanks


Love the design and has been perfect

KH (United Kingdom)

Really useful complement to the XL wet bags we have from Modern Cloth Nappies. This one is more compact and has really handy snaps to hang easily and an extra zip compartment to keep things separate. Brilliant!

Beth Sawford (United Kingdom)

A good size wetbag, love the double strap for versatility and the double pocket (for storing dirty nappies) - I carry mine like a tote and have even used it for library trips as most picture books fit in nicely! Much prettier than my usual totes!

Laura Bluck (United Kingdom)
The best!

I’ve had a fair few wet bags but this is my favourite. The double handles are so useful especially for hanging on the pram. I use these for so many things. Storing a clean set of clothes, and dirty clothes when we’ve been out. Fresh and used nappies and wipes too. You can use them for so many things and the double compartments are super handy!