Cloth Nappy Pod

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The Nappy Pod is a convenient and portable storage solution, perfect for carrying and storing nappies, snacks and essential items in an organized and compact way. Its pod shape and robust design makes it easy to bring along on the go. Sleek and discreet when empty, the Nappy Pod is the perfect companion for your everyday life.

Please note our Eden print in our pod it slightly lighter in colour than our Nappies, Wet Bags & mats due to differences in production times.

How to use

Fill with 5-7 nappies or with toys, games, swimwear etc! Upon washing open the zip and place bag in the washing machine if using with reusable nappies, wipes and inserts.

Washing & Drying

Wash with nappies, inserts or towels.

Line dry or tumble dry on low if essential.


100% Polyester Urethane Laminate (PUL)

Top Tips

Use over your pushchair handle or hang in the bathroom for easy, fast access!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Frith (United Kingdom)
So many uses 😃

These pods are great for so many things but recently I’ve started using one to carry my baby sling. It keeps it nicely folded and clean. They are of course also great for carrying nappies.

Anya Bettoney
Everyday Nursery Pod

Absolutely love our pod. It’s used everyday for nursery and can fit in 8 nappies or 6 nappies with a change mat, wet bag and wipes!

Laura Bluck (United Kingdom)
Would sell a kidney for this

Just kidding. But not really. This pod is a wonderful size. I can fit in 5/6 nappies easily PLUS wipes and a changing mat! My favourite companion for days out, more so than my partner.

Beth Sawford (United Kingdom)
Big and beautiful!

A wonderfully generous size pod. Great for keeping nappies together for a day out/nursery or even storage. We use ours downstairs for quick changes. Love the double strap that means you can hang off the pushchair!

Angela Turner (United Kingdom)
Most beautiful nappy pod to use out and about

Now I’m getting out and about more since restrictions eased this has become an essential piece of kit. I use the double loops to attach it to my pram and it holds enough nappies for the day, wipes, roll up changing mat and my liners.