Reusable Mini Wet Bag

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This lightweight, reusable mini wet bag is perfect for storing small, wet (or dry!) items. Made of water-resistant fabric, it's an ideal way to keep damp items from contaminating other items in your bag or backpack. Use it over and over again with confidence! For reusable period pads, this bag will hold between 3-4 medium sizes pads.


How to use

Store used wipes and reusable period pads inside. Upon washing open the zip and place bag in the washing machine.

Washing & Drying

Wash with nappies, inserts or towels.

Line dry or tumble dry on low if essential.


100% Polyester Urethane Laminate (PUL)

Customer Reviews

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Anya Bettoney (United Kingdom)
Perfect for pants!

These are the perfect little bags for potty training/newly pants wearing smalls. It’s discreet to fit into your bag, handy for those quick changes that needs to happen - no matter how many times you ask them if they need the toilet and they say no!

Angela Turner (United Kingdom)
Perfect for single nappy

My childminder is old school and likes a “nappy bag” per dirty nappy. I bought some others but they couldn’t fit a nappy with wipes so was looking to size up. These are perfect for one boosted nappy and a couple of dirty wipes. I’m going to order a few more and collect all the prints

Frith (United Kingdom)
A great bag for wipes & CSP

I love the size and shape of this bag. It is perfect for carrying clean wipes whilst we’re out but will be purchasing another to use for my CSP too. Absolutely love it! 🧡

Monique Munson
Perfect for my daughters fitted cloth diapers!

I purchased 4 hoping to use them for my daughters cloth diapers and they are a perfect fit! So much more convenient using these whilst out and about instead of a large wet bag, I plan on purchasing more soon!