'Shape Stay' Hemp Reusable Nappy Insert

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Our 'Shape Stay' Hemp Reusable Nappy Insert is made from sustainable, hemp fibre for reliable and consistent absorption. This reusable insert is perfect for heavy wetters, providing maximum absorption for worry-free protection. Its unique shape retention feature also allows the insert to hold its shape after washing and provides parents with reusable, cost-effective and eco-friendly nappy changing!

How to use

Simply place the insert in the pocket of the nappy either infront or behind the original insert.

This insert is suitable for boosting one size nappies. You can also use it in a nappy wrap or cover as an absorbent pad.

Before first use

There are some simple steps to take before using your new nappies and/or inserts to gain absorbency before first use.

There are 2 simple ways to do this:

• Machine wash 3-5 times at max 60°c to gain absorbency. There is no need to dry between washes. Use detergent for the last wash.


• Soak the insert(s) only in water for 24-48 hours followed by a machine wash with detergent.

Washing & Drying

Recommended wash routine:

1. Pre-Rise (40 mins approx. rinse & spin cycle)

2. Long Wash Programme (2.5 hours minimum at max 60°c)

3. Hand Dry (or tumble dry on LOW if essential).

Please do not use fabric softeners or bleaches.

We recommend regular washing at 40°c to prolong product life.


55% Hemp and 45% Soft Cotton.

Top Tips

We recommend storing used nappies and inserts in a wet bag or nappy bucket between washes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sue Weller (United Kingdom)
Well Made & Sturdy Insert

I bought these to supplement the pearl pocket nappies at nighttime. They look huge compared to the newborn size nappy, but I am sure they will get plenty of use after the first few weeks.

Caitlin Whitfield (United Kingdom)
Absolutely amazing!

My 16 month old is a very heavy wetter so I needed something that meant I didn’t need to change her nappy every hour. I use the inserts as a boost in the day and for nighttime. I’m able to have at least 3 hours between nappy changes in the day and they last all night too. The shape stay is also extremely handy and works so well!

Sarah Standring (United Kingdom)
Night Time Saviour

These large hemp inserts have become a Godsend in our house recently. My previously not very heavy wetting 18month old toddler has in the last few months become a pee machine and even after a complete night routine overhaul he was still waking after 8/9hours soaked through. I initially thought these boosters were going to be to big as the 'stay shape' layer means they dont shrink in the same manner that other hemp inserts do, but as an overnight booster placed between 2 part nappy and wrap they are utterly brilliant and allow us to easily get 12hrs plus once again from our night nappies. As a heavily pregnant lady nearing the end of her third trimester, I really appreciate the extra hours these offer.

Claudia A

I was so impressed with the hemp/cotton absorbent part on the pearl pocket that I bought this to customise my duo pockets. It’s super absorbent but really slim and the stay shape layer really does the job so I don’t have to spend time stretching the inserts after washing. I really do love this and it’s worth the extra money